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Cleaner, Safer & Better for You.

We all understand the benefits of regularly eating fresh fruit and vegetables, but most of us are either unaware or become complacent, when it comes to making sure these foods are safe to consume.

When it comes to grocery shopping, we seem to like convenience however, recently an increase in cases of food-related illnesses, has reminded us of the importance of safety and hygiene.

We all know we must handle and store meat and dairy products properly to avoid illness, however, fruits and vegetables, can also carry harmful germs.

From farming practices, transportation to retail staff and other shoppers, fresh produce can become contaminated and be exposed to harmful pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli, or Listeria. These kinds of bacteria can make people extremely unwell.

Food safety; prevents illness and promotes wellness.

The Right Choice.

Now, more than ever, we know how important it is to, not only wash our hands, but to also engage good hygiene practices.

Re+Fresh Fruit & Veg Wash safely removes bacteria, pesticides, waxes, handling residues and dirt from your produce.

It’s 100% natural ingredients are all plant-based, are safe to use, have no aftertaste, no odour, maintains freshness and extends your fruit and vegetable shelf-life (saving you money).

Re+Fresh Fruit & Veg Wash is ideal for cleaning both conventional and organic produce. It requires no rinsing after being applied to produce, just let the fruit and vegetable drain slowly before eating or storing (also helping to conserve water).

Our product has been independently tested by a leading analytical laboratory to validate its effectiveness.

Re+Fresh Fruit & Veg Wash is Australian-made & owned.

Wash Well, Be Well!!

  • Re+Fresh Fruit and Veg Wash is proudly Australian made & owned.

  • From the ingredients to the packaging, we always choose the most natural, sustainable and responsible way.

  • Our product has been independently tested by a leading analytical laboratory to validate its effectiveness.

  • Our ingredients are all plant-based,
    are safe to use, have no aftertaste, no odour, maintains freshness and extends your fruit and vegetable shelf-life.

Simple Benefits

Fruits and vegetables are an essential part of the human diet. There are numerous nutritional and health benefits to eating fresh, clean, fruit and vegetables regularly.

It’s vital to eat fresh produce, but we must take the important steps to ensure that it is safe to do so, for yours and your family’s wellbeing. By the time your produce gets to you, it’s already been handled by many people, even if you buy it fresh from the farmer’s market.

Many of us just use running water to wash our produce, but commercial pesticides are designed to withstand the rain, so using just water may remove the surface dirt, but it isn’t very successful in removing agricultural chemicals.

Protect your family and have them enjoy the benefits of fresh, clean, healthy produce. Rinsing alone with tap water is not enough to remove the water-resistant pesticides and waxes.

Food Safety is the practice of keeping food safe and hygienic during its handling and preparation.

As the saying goes ‘Prevention is the best cure’….

Planet Positive

We love the planet and the natural environment. We want to leave the smallest ‘footprint’ as possible and our business model and product design, supports this vision.

From the ingredients to the packaging, we always choose the most natural, sustainable and responsible way. So that you can use our products with a good feeling and peace of mind.

Our re-fillable bottle and spray trigger are totally recyclable, BPA-free and our sachets are 100% compostable.

By shipping to you ‘top-up’ sachets of active powder and using the refillable bottle, helps to reduce waste and saves you money! The mailing box and all the packaging materials, to get this great product to you, are all eco-friendly too!

Creating positive impact and empowering change.


Re+Fresh Fruit & Veg Wash is designed to remove dirt, bacteria, pesticides, and other unwanted residues from the surface of produce. When used correctly and according to the instructions, there will be no after-taste or odour left on your produce. In fact, your produce will taste just like nature intended and be bursting with flavour and goodness.

Washing fruits and vegetables properly is important to remove dirt, bacteria, pesticides, and other contaminants from their surfaces. Here's a step-by-step guide on the best way to wash your produce:

1. Unpack your produce and place loosely into a strainer or colander over the kitchen sink.

2. Shake Re+Fresh bottle well and generously spray mist over all surfaces of the produce.

3. Gently place the treated produce onto a clean tea-towel or paper towels for excess moisture to drain off.

4. Take clean produce and place into ventilated storage containers and put into fridge or crisper draw.

While water alone is effective at removing some dirt and surface residues, Re+Fresh Fruit & Veg Wash has additional advantages such as removes pesticide residues, removes waxes and coatings, removal of bacteria and pathogens such as molds and fungi, removes unpleasant odors or tastes and extends shelf life of produce (saving you money).

Here is a list of our top reasons:

• Ingredients – 100% all-natural plant-powered ingredients, which are safe, non-toxic and never tested on animals (Cruelty-free).

• Lab Tested – our wash has been independently tested by a leading analytical laboratory for its effectiveness to remove pesticides, bacteria, molds, fungi and other contaminants. 

• Cleanliness and Taste – doesn't leave any residue on the produce and enhances the flavour and taste of treated produce.

• Extends Shelf-Life – many trials conducted have consistently shown that using Re+Fresh Fruit & Veg Wash can noticeably and significantly increase the storage life of treated produce (usually 3-10 times).

• Reduces Food Waste – by increasing the shelf-life of treated produce you have a longer opportunity to consume it, which reduces food wastage and saves you money.

• Supports Sustainability and the Environment – all the packaging used is either repurposed, recyclable or compostable, helping our planet and supporting sustainability initiatives.

• Ease of Use – Re+Fresh Fruit & Veg Wash is a refill and use option that easily fits into your current routine. Simply shake the bottle and spray directly onto produce and let it drain before storing. Some other fruit and vegetable washes require soaking or rewashing after application (using excessive amounts of water). 

• Is 100% Australian made and owned

An added advantage of applying Re+Fresh Fruit & Veg Wash to clean and preserve produce is that the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables is sustained for longer, as inhibiting the growth of pathogenic organisms, protects the nutrients that would otherwise be consumed by these organisms, as a source of energy.

Re+Fresh contains no soaps or synthetic chemical preservatives or any kind. It is a 100% natural product made from extracts of culinary herbs and spices mixed with Acacia gum as a dispersant. The Acacia gum we use is wild-crafted from sub-Saharan Africa and none of the components have been irradiated or fumigated and all ingredients are GMO-free. It is a unique, functional food mixture which has the properties as a powerful contact antimicrobial.

Re+Fresh Fruit & Veg Wash is highly effective, even at neutral pH, against a wide range of food spoilage organisms and food pathogens.

Governments around the world are concerned with food security and that in developed countries, we throw away up to 45% or more of the produce grown as food waste. This has a high cost, for no return as well as contributing to greenhouse gas emissions as the food waste rots. 

With the 45% of produce that does makes it to market, food poisoning is a real problem as it’s been estimated that up to 25 sets of hands might touch the produce between the farm to the family meal. Food poisoning is not just inconvenient but can be a communicable illness and even be deadly for the very young, very old or frail and there can be lasting consequences even in healthy individuals who succumb to toxic micro-organisms and their metabolic by-products. Wash Well & Be Well!